Shop Policies

Minimum Orders

Minimum opening order for new clients is $200 for craft kits and patterns. Reorders completed within a 12 month period are a minimum of $75.

Handmade only orders (those consisting of exclusively or mostly hand stitched felt items) are a minimum of $400 for opening orders and $150 for for reorders completed within 12 months.  Please contact me ahead of time before placing handmade only orders to assure availability and processing timelines.

Shipping and Processing

Craft kit and pattern orders are shipped within 7-12 business days, with the exception of orders containing hand stitched, handmade felt items. Starter kits and Handmade felt animal stock will have added processing times unless certain items are currently available in stock.

Starter Kits incur another 2-3 business days. Exclusively handmade orders, or those heavy in hand stitched item will incur an extra 7-14 days depending on the size of the order. If there are time constraints involved please contact me for processing time estimates.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns are accepted for damaged items up to 7 days from the time of shipment. DelilahIris Wholesale must be notified immediately of items being shipped back for exchange. Customer is responsible for shipping expenses.


DelilahIris Designs Wholesale portal is exclusive to shop retailers and galleries. DelilahIris Wholesale reserves the right to refuse any order placed by retailers or non-retailers for any reason deemed necessary. In the event that an order must be refused it will be canceled and charges reversed immediately.

DelilahIris Designs prohibits the sale of wholesale products on any 3rd party website such as Etsy, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace. Items are to be sold via brick and mortar store-fronts or exclusively owned websites. White labeling is prohibited.